Boeing 707

Republique Populaire du Benin


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  1. A wonderful and very unusual capture, dear Inge! Is this an older plane, now retired, and used for purposes of adornment or advertising? Is it a model? Whatever the case, it’s a very cool photograph! Have a great day & weekend, my friend!

    1. Dank je wel Phil!
      “The Boeing once flew as a private aircraft from the leader of the Moons cult.
      It then belonged to the President of the Republic of Benin.
      That is also in large letters on the side “Republique Popular de Benin”
      Before that it was active as a passenger plane.
      It was one of the first commercial flights to fly with jet engines.
      But despite its presidential appearance, something went wrong in 1993.
      Then the aircraft was chained at the airport of Ostend.
      It was owned by President Mathieu Kerekou.
      He once bought it from the leader of the Moon sect.
      The head of state had come to Belgium on vacation with his family.
      However, it turned out in Ostend that one of the engines had failed.
      De Boeing was left behind for repair.
      The Boeing 707 from the African republic of Benin is parked on the roof of the GoWalt complex in Wetteren.”

      1. Oh my goodness, what an amazing history! That plane has been through so much, and looks very nice where it is now ~ in your photograph! Bedankt dat je de tijd hebt genomen om de details over dit vliegtuig te delen, erg interessant! Ik wens je een fijne avond en weekend, mijn beste vriend! 🌹

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