Passport to Freedom

Herinneringen ….
Samen op tournee voor de Corona-maatregelen !
Memories ….
Together on tour before the Corona Measures !

Look Here :
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  1. Nice photo. The new office we are moving into is next door to the largest Harley Davidson dealerships in the state. They were having a party and rally yesterday with a band and lots of Harley riders revving their engines and rumbling all day long.

    One of the architects we are associated with designed the building the dealership is in back in the 1990s. The owner of the dealership back then was one of the pioneers in transforming Harley Davidson from a failing brand in the early 1980s to a highly desirable fashion statement in the late 1980s into the early 2000s. Unfortunately, Harley Davidson is having hard dimes again as baby boomers are getting too old to ride, and fewer young people are interested in motorcycles. But the Harley Davidson dealership next door to our new office is surviving.

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